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To all our Seals Friends,

We are opening our doors on Wednesday 10th June 2020 from 10am and we can’t wait! Of course, we now have a number of restrictions from the government that we have to abide by in order to be able to open our doors. We will have to follow a strict social distancing policy and have increased our hygiene practices to ensure we are providing you a safe place to come and enjoy.

You might be thinking “Why aren’t you opening today like other pubs and clubs?” and truthfully, we have been super busy while you have all been gone with some major renovations and we are so excited to show you. They aren’t quite ready so we decided to delay the opening so we can make sure they are all complete for you to come back.
While the government continue to release new information every day some of the restrictions currently in place mean we won’t be able to open all of our facilities right away. As new information is released, we will continue to reassess the situation and update our plan so we can get back to life at The Seals before the Corona virus shut down. As far as we know right now below is a list of the facilities that will and won’t be available when we open.
What will be available 10th June 2020:
The Brasserie (We will start taking bookings over the phone from Tuesday 9th June)
Seals Cafe
Gaming Machines
Casino Bar – Level 1
Fitness Centre - From Saturday 13th June 2020
What won’t be available until further instruction:
Intra Club Activates
Raffles and Entertainment
Functions and Events
Major Promotions and Club Promotions
Snooker Room
We have missed having all our members in our club and it has been a lot quieter without you all. We will continue to update you with any new information we receive before our reopening. If you have any questions please email the member services team at

See you all soon - The countdown is on!

The Seals Club Team

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