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Carnival Cash

Your chance to win the major prize of $100k

Plus win your share of $10,000 + Instant Cash

Promotions Start Tuesday 11thFeb 2020

Finish Friday 27th March 2020

Terms and Conditions

Means of Entry

In all clauses member means a member of the club excluding the Directors, managers, staff, contractors & their immediate families or restricted members.

To enter members must swipe their photo ID membership card into one of the Clubs Kiosks located at the Gaming lounge. Tickets are automatically printed by the approved IGS Club system into the barrel adjacent to the Kiosks, to be used for the draws. Tiered Members will receive tickets every hour at the following ratio.

  • Platinum members 5 tickets each swipe
  • Gold Members 3 tickets each swipe
  • Silver Members 2 tickets each swipe
  • Bronze Members 1 tickets each swipe


  • Drawn winners from the barrel will be announced and will have 4 minutes to claim their prize before a redraw commences.
  • The drawn member must be on the premises at the time of the draw and present themselves with identification to the compere/manager/staff at the Barrel.
  • Each drawn winner receives an instant cash prize
  • Membership card swipes are not to be swiped by a third party.

Times of Draws

o  Every Tue, Wed, Thu and Friday during the promotion dates, members can swipe their card at the kiosk from 6pm to 8.30pm to receive tickets between each time slot.   Winners will be drawn at respective times.



Every, Tue, Wed, Thu and Friday @ 8.30pm - $100

Carnival Cash –Final Night

Friday 27th March starting @ 8.30 pm


  • The Finals night will be held from 8.30pm on Friday 27th March and will operate as follows; Finalist members will be asked by chronological order to play a carnival game. Each finalist will reveal a cash value prize, with one present prize being “Major winner- Draw to you win”.
  • Major winner will have a chance at play the “Draw until you win game” where they have a chance at winning $100,000 cash prize. A consolation prize of $10,000, $5000 or $2000 cash will also be won if major prize is not won.
  • This game involves the wining contestant randomly selecting then opening one envelopes from a pool of 40 sealed envelopes. Each envelop will contain a coloured card. The pool of cards will contain 5 blue, 6 red, 9 green and 20 yellow cards. The contestant will continue selecting and opening envelopes until there are five cards of the same colour displayed. The contestant will win the prize corresponding with the coloured cards being Blue $100,000, Red $10,000 Green $5,000 or Yellow $2,000.


  • If the Finalist cannot attend a draw, a redraw will take place from the gaming barrel of tickets, for another Finalist who will have a chance to win a major Prize


Draw until you win TERMS AND CONDITIONS


  • The Entrant associated with the first valid entry drawn in the Prize Draw will win the opportunity to play the Game (for the chance to win up to AUD 100,000 (“Drawn Participant”), including travel to the Game . The proposed insurance will cover One (1) single draw(s) where one person has the opportunity to continue drawing envelopes from a pool of forty (40). Each envelope contains a coloured card. The contestant continues selecting then opening envelopes until they have five cards of the same colour.


  • The Game will take place on a date specified by the Promoter with the exact location to be confirmed by the Promoter and advised to the Drawn Participant before the Game.


  • To play the Game, the drawn participant must draw cards until they reveal 5 of the same colour, winning either $100,000, $10,000, $5000 or $2000.


  • This draw will be conducted under Insurer supervision at 204-230 Marine Parade, Maroubra , NSW


  • There will be 40 envelopes in the barrel.


  • The prize money will be awarded in Australian Dollars (AUD).


  • Prize money will be awarded to the winner via transfer to the winner’s nominated Australian bank account within 28 days from a successful and approved spin.

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