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Maroubra Seals Club - COVID – 19 UPDATE

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy 2021 to 2022

From December 15th 2021 the Club will continue to follow the public health order from October 2021, and allow only double vaccinated patrons, staff and contractors into the venue.


On 1st December 2021, The Board of Directors have elected to extend this policy into 2022 indefinitely, until such time the Board finds the risk of Covid-19 virus has eased.


COVID Vaccination Policy

  • Only Fully vaccinated persons with a vaccination status certificate, over the age of 16 years will be allowed into the Club premises unless they can provide approved documented medical reasons for not vaccinating.
  • The Club will conduct a policy review on the 2nd February 2022, or earlier if there is a significate change in the COVID-19 pandemic environment.
  • The Club’s COVID-19 Safe plan encompasses all reasonable operational aspects of the Club’s business.


We do regret that a percentage of our community will be upset with the Clubs decision, however with the relevant Covid-19 environment, information and the responsibilities of the Club we believe this difficult decision is necessary.


Officers of the Club (namely directors and any employees with managerial responsibilities) have a statutory duty under the WHS Act to exercise due diligence to ensure that the Club discharges its health and safety obligations.


A determination of what is reasonably practical for the operation of the Club’s Business has listed a range of safety measures:

  • Frontline and Customer service staff are strongly encouraged to wear masks, (Training & Information provided)
  • Any persons (including Staff and Directors) feeling unwell or displaying symptoms consistent with Covid-19 to be refused entry, they then must have an approved Covid-19 test and return a negative result to enter the premises.
  • 1.5 metres distancing where possible.
  • Barricades and marshalling to avoid congestion of people.
  • Hygiene and antiseptic stations situated around the facility for all persons use.
  • NSW Services QRcode check-in a requirement of entry as per the NSW Health, December restrictions. (This enables Covid-19 contagion tracking)


The Club has decided to permit entry only to fully vaccinated people. The Club made this decision for the

following reasons:

The Club has a duty to ensure the health and safety of staff and customers under the Work Health and

Safety Act 2011 (NSW), and under general law.

Those who are not fully vaccinated have a higher risk of transmitting the coronavirus to workers and



Given the overwhelming research supporting these findings, precluding patrons who are not fully

vaccinated will reduce the likelihood that fully vaccinated staff and patrons will be exposed to the

coronavirus, or contract COVID-19.


While the Club is implementing other controls to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission, as outlined in

its COVID-19 safety plan, the level of risk mitigation from excluding those who are not fully vaccinated cannot be achieved through other available controls.

Membership gives rights to attend and use the premises and facilities of the club subject to the control of the Board and management.


We look forward to welcoming you back here at Maroubra Seals Club. 

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