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Important Update - App Transition

Dear Members and Future Guests,

We're excited to announce that we're transitioning to a new app on the Mind Body platform to enhance your experience! Here's what you need to know:

  1. New App Download: Please follow the link below to download our new app.
  1. Activation Date: Classes on the new app will be accessible starting from December 19th.
  2. Existing Credits/Weekly Pass: Members with existing credits or a weekly pass on the old app can continue using it until the complete switch to the new app.

We appreciate your understanding during this transition period as we work diligently to transfer data for a seamless experience.

Thank you for your support and patience!

Warm regards,

Beachview Pilates Team


Welcome to Beachview Pilates,

Beachview Pilates was founded with a vision to help individuals enjoy and experience the many benefits of Reformer Pilates, in a relaxing environment.

Our name is inspired by our beautiful Maroubra Beach, Sydney location, which offers tranquil sweeping ocean views from the studio windows. The ocean affinity also has a symbolic meaning – combining the fluidity of movement with natural force; both of which can be utilised and refined through Reformer Pilates.

It’s no secret that balancing modern daily demands and busy lifestyles makes having a positive outlet to replenish and strengthen both body and mind even more important.

Our studio is a place where you can leave your thoughts at the door, experience mindfulness and a satisfying, (and fun) work out that leaves you feeling empowered and reinvigorated.

About Our Classes

All Beachview Pilates instructors are experienced and certified Reformer Pilates trainers. We love that each instructor brings a unique perspective and style to each session, so that no two classes are exactly the same.

We welcome everyone, and cater to a range of levels; from beginners through to more experienced Reformers. The exercises in each class can be adapted by your instructor to suit your level as you continue to learn and develop skills.

We don’t believe in quick fixes, cutting corners or “exercise trends” – instead, Beachview Pilates offers you a workout and type of exercise that is backed by science and really works to bring about positive change.

With regular sessions you will not just feel, but see improvements to your core, muscle tone, strength, balance and more! That’s the beauty of Reformer Pilates.

About Our Reformer Pilates

This type of Pilates utilises a “Pilates Reformer Machine” to offer a more dynamic experience and workout than mat based Pilates.

It adds resistance via the use of the springs and focuses on improving strength, flexibility and posture throughout your entire body to yield real results.

All of our equipment is new and state of the art and our studio has brand new “Merrithew Reformer Beds”, which are industry-renowned as the most effective and highest-quality for Reformer Pilates.


Beachview Value

We offer a range of competitively priced options to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Choose from our casual class, or experience greater savings with our class packs or weekly pricing options.

Beachview Pricing

Two Week Trial (New Clients Only) - $50

For 6 classes to be used within 14 days of first booking


Beachview Membership – Unlimited Classes $54.99 per week

Pilates Weekly Unlimited Pass.


Class Packs:

(Class packs are valid for 6 months from purchased date)

50 Pack Classes - $850 ($17 per class)

25 Pack Classes - $500 ($20 per class)

10 Pack Classes - $250 ($25 per class)

5 Pack Classes - $135 ($27 per class)


Purchase prior to using:

Casual Class - $35


All classes are 45 minutes.

Please see the Seals Fitness app for details about each class and updates.

Current timetable is:

(Please check the app for updated Holiday Classes). 


Morning:                         6am                    7am                    8.30am              9.30am

Midday:                          11:30am             12:30pm

Evening:                         4:30pm               5:30pm               6:30pm


Morning:                         6am                    7am                    8.30am              9.30am

Midday:                          11am                  12pm

Evening:                         4:30pm               5:30pm               6:30pm


Morning:                         6am                    7am                    8.30am              9.30am

Midday:                          11:30am             12:30pm

Evening:                         4:30pm               5:30pm               6:30pm


Morning:                         6am                    7am                    8.30am              9.30am

Midday:                          11:30am             12:30pm

Evening:                         4:30pm               5:30pm               6:30pm


Morning:                         6am                    7am                    8.30am              9.30am

Midday:                          11:30am             12:30pm

Evening:                         4:30pm               5:30pm               6:30pm


Morning:                         8am                    9am                    10am                 11am

Evening:                         3:30pm               4:30pm


Morning:                         8am                    9am                    10am                 11am

How to Book:

Make sure you are a member of Maroubra Seals Club

(This can be done at reception at the club and is only $11 per calendar year)


Download our app “Seals Fitness” from the Apple store or Google Play store. (LOOK FOR THE BF (Beachview Fitness) App)



Follow the link here  

Complete the registration and purchase a membership or class pack.

Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions prior to purchasing.

You can then use the app or website to book into classes or manage your payments.




Do you have to be a member of Maroubra Seals Club to go to Beachview Pilates?

Yes, you do have to be a member of the club to use the Pilates facilities. It is only $11 for a calendar year. Membership for the club can be purchased at the club’s reception. You will need a driver’s licence or a government id for this process.


What to bring to class?

Grip socks must be worn for safety reason in all classes. If you do not own a pair of grip socks you can purchase them from the online store and pick them up at reception or purchase them on your way in at reception.


Does my current seals gym membership allow me to go to Beachview Pilates?

At this stage both memberships are separate. In the future we will be looking at offering a membership that allows users to access both facilities.


Do you offer prenatal classes?

Not at the moment however we are looking at adding prenatal friendly classes if we have enough demand.


How far in advance can I book a class or see the timetable?

You can book a class in up to 2 weeks in advance and see the timetable 2 weeks ahead as well.


Are there a maximum number of classes per day I can book?

No, you can book as many classes as you wish however our cancellation policy gives you 2 hours prior to cancel before being charged for the class, strikes will also be issued for non attendance if you have an unlimited membership


What if I need to cancel a booked class?

As long as you cancel 2 hours before youe booking you will not be charged. After this time, you will be charged for the class. If you have a weekly unlimited pass and do not cancel before the 2 hours you will be issued a strike. Each unlimited membership has 4 strikes. Once you reach 4 you will be locked out from booking (ooh naughty) and will need to pay a fine of $50


What if I need to pause my weekly unlimited membership?

We do not allow pauses however you can cancel your membership at any time if you give us at least 30 days’ notice however, you may not be granted the same offer as when you originally signed up.

For a list of Terms and Conditions please click the link below:


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