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Be a part of our exciting raffles where members and their guests

have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes with as little as $1.00 for

a strip of six numbers.

Every raffle day on at the seals offers different prizes, so be on the

look out to know what raffle is on!

Some of our Special Occasion Raffles include:

  • Toy Raffles
  • Easter Egg Raffle
  • Christmas Raffles 


Maroubra Seals Sports and Community Club


Thursday Raffle 1pm    

7/21                      **       MEAT TRAYS

8/22                       MEAT TRAYS


Thursday Raffle 7pm

7/21                                 MEAT TRAYS

14/28                     **       MEAT TRAYS


Friday Raffle 7pm                           

 1 June                            FISH FILLETS/PRAWNS          

 8 June                  **       BBQ TRAYS

15 June                           FISH FILLETS/PRAWNS

22 June                           BBQ TRAYS         

29 June                 **       FISH FILLETS/SEAFOOD


Saturday Raffle 6pm

2/9/16/23/30 **       MEAT TRAYS/SHOPPING VOUCHERS

Sunday Raffle 2pm (Entertainment from 12.30pm)

 3 June                            MEAT TRAYS

10 June                           BONANZA

17 June                           MEAT TRAYS

24 June                           FISH FILLETS/PRAWNS


$300 Bonus Thursday & Friday nights & Sunday afternoon raffles

**  $10.00 Free Tickets Swipe Card Promo



Thursday Raffle 1pm   

5/19                     **    MEAT TRAYS (18)

12/26                          MEAT TRAYS (18)



Thursday Raffle 7pm

5/19                           MEAT TRAYS

12/26                    **    MEAT TRAYS



Friday Raffle 7pm

 6 July                  **    BBQ TRAYS   

13 July                        FISH FILLETS/PRAWNS

20 July                        BBQ TRAYS

27 July                 **    FISH FILLETS/PRAWNS    



Saturday Raffle 6pm

7/14/21/28            **    MEAT TRAYS/SHOPPING VOUCHERS


Sunday Raffle 2pm (Entertainment from 12.30pm)

 1 July                         MEAT TRAYS

 8 July                         PRAWNS/FISH FILLETS

15 July                        MEAT TRAYS

22 July                        PRAWNS/FISH FILLETS

29 July                        BONANZA


**  $10.00 Free Tickets Swipe Card Promo


Plus $300 Bonus Thursday & Friday nights & Sunday afternoon raffles.

Raffle Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Entry

a)      All participants must be a minimum of 18 years old when purchasing tickets/ participating in any raffle which is held at Maroubra Seals Sports and Community Club.

b)      Members, their guests as well as visitors who have signed into the club are eligible to participate in raffles which are held the club

c)       A raffle cannot be entered by any member of staff currently working on shift at the time that the raffle is being conducted.

Cost of entering Raffle

a)      Tickets are sold at the following cost

-          6 numbers for $1

b)      At certain raffles, promotions may be held for people participating in the raffle. I.e. “$10 free tickets for members when swiping membership card” or “Buy $5 get $5 for free”

Awarding of Prizes

a)      Tickets are sold on an approved raffle machine, with numbers starting from 500 and continuing until tickets cease being sold.

b)      First and last numbers sold are entered into approved raffle generator and the raffle is then conducted with each winning number randomly drawn from the machine.

Claiming a raffle prize

a)      Once a number has been electronically drawn, the winning number is announced over the club PA system throughout all areas of level 1 & 2. It is then up to participants to check their tickets to see if they have the winning number and therefore claim the winning prize.

b)      Winning numbers are called a minimum of three times and once 4 minutes has elapsed and the prize has not been claimed, prizes are then redrawn.


a)      Prizes issued vary depending on which raffle is being conducted, but may include;

-          Shopping vouchers

-          Perishable goods (meat, fish, seafood)

-          Toys and other small items

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