Maroubra Seals Club Ltd

Sports and Community Club

Seals Christmas Cash Giveaway Draws 2017

Promotions Start 4th October 2017

Finish Saturday 9th December 2017.

Terms and Conditions

Means of Entry

In all clauses member means a member of the club excluding the Directors, managers, staff, contractors & their immediate families or restricted members.

To enter members must have their photo ID membership card swiped into one of the Clubs Kiosks’ located at the Gaming lounge, tickets are automatically printed by the approved IGS Club system into the barrel adjacent to the Kiosks, for the draws.

  • Tiered Members will receive tickets as at the following ratio

Platinum members 5 tickets each swipe

Gold Members 3 tickets each swipe

Silver 2 and Bronze/White Members 1 ticket each swipe 



  • Drawn winners from the barrel will be announced and will have 4 minutes to claim their prize before a redraw commences.
  • The drawn member must be on the premises at the time of the draw and present themselves with identification to the compere/manager/staff at the Barrel.
  • Each determined drawn winner has a final bonus entry where on the finals nights of the respective Month, indicated Multiple Major prizes or $50 consolation prize can be won on their respective draw night.
  • No third party member card swipes are permitted. 

Times of Draws

  • Each Week on the set days (Wednesdays ,Thursdays &Fridays) during the promotion dates, a member’s card swipe at the kiosk from

(4pm to 8pm) &

(8.01pm to 9pm) &

(9.01pm to 10pm) to receive tickets between each time slot.

  • Three x $50 Draws every night on

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Friday.

@ 8pm,   9pm   &   10pm

  • Starts Tues 4th October 2017 till 9th December 2017.








The Finalist draws are divided into First Round Finals and Second Round Finals





Each Final draws will be on the following dates

First Round

Saturday 4th November 2017, 8pm 45 Finalists

(Draws from 4th October 17 – 3rd November 17)

Second Round

Saturday 9th December 2017, 8pm 45 Finalists

(Draws from 7th Nov 17- 8th Dec 17.)


If the Finalist cannot attend a draw there will be no third party representation or redraws.

Using the Random Number Generator and the Finalists selected have their chronological selected number order, 8 Major Finalists will be selected.


Consolation Prizes will be awarded to the unsuccessful finalist of $50 each. There will be a maximum of 37 consolation prizes awarded on the finals night.


The 8 chosen will then have a chance to play the final board game where there are 8 hidden Selections so the Major Finalist has a guaranteed chance to win the following prizes.


$3000, $3000, $1000, $1000, $1000, $1000, $500 or $400 =$10,900

Total Promotion Awarded $30,000


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